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Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen at Susan’s House on October 3rd at 6PM September 28, 2012

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Americans have lost touch with their history, and in Lies My Teacher Told MeProfessor James Loewen shows why. After surveying eighteen leading high school American history texts, he has concluded that not one does a decent job of making history interesting or memorable. Marred by an embarrassing combination of blind patriotism, mindless optimism, sheer misinformation, and outright lies, these books omit almost all the ambiguity, passion, conflict, and drama from our past.

In this revised edition, packed with updated material, Loewen explores how historical myths continue to be perpetuated in today’s climate and adds an eye-opening chapter on the lies surrounding 9/11 and the Iraq War. From the truth about Columbus’s historic voyages to an honest evaluation of our national leaders, Loewen revives our history, restoring the vitality and relevance it truly possesses.

Thought provoking, nonpartisan, and often shocking, Loewen unveils the real America in this iconoclastic classic beloved by high school teachers, history buffs, and enlightened citizens across the country.


August 22nd, 2012: I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron at Marci’s House

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Cool Women in Attendance:

Heidi, Susan, Marci,  Lori


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