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Getting Mother’s Body by Suzan-Lori Parks on February 3rd at 6:30 in M2 hosted by Marci’s December 17, 2009

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Like a country quilt, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks’s spellbinding first novel, Getting Mother’s Body, is pieced together from rags: short and slanted scraps of narrative recounted by various friends and members of the hard-luck Beede clan of Ector County, Texas. These sad, wily, bickering voices tell the story of Billy Beede–poor, unmarried, and pregnant–and her dead mother, the “hot and wild” blues singer, Willa Mae Beede, who may or may not have been laid to rest with a fortune of diamonds and pearls in her coffin. When a letter arrives announcing that a supermarket is being built on the ground where Willa Mae was buried, Billy determines to dig her up and get the jewels. But Willa Mae’s embittered female lover, Dill Smiles, is just as intent on keeping the corpse in the ground. Deeper and richer than a typical quest novel, Getting Mother’s Body is also the story of an African-American family, of beauty winding like bright thread through long-held grudges, hopelessness, and greed.

December 16th, 2009 at Ann’s house-The Help by Kathryn Stockett

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Cool Women in Attendance:

Marci, Susan C, Heidi, Ann, Susan E, Lori


  • Lasagna
  • Salad
  • Ice Cream!!

Memorable Moments:

  • A Champagne toast to Susan E for opening the bookshop and to Marci for turning 50
  • Susan C is entertaining job prospects in Arizona and Colorado
  • Lori had a birthday, Ann loves her job :), Heidi is finding work trying, Marci just got back from Cambodia, Susan C is meeting “the mother” and Susan E is tired but happy with her dual roll

The Help by Kathryn Stockett at Ann’s house on December 16th at 6PM December 14, 2009

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From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. What perfect timing for this optimistic, uplifting debut novel (and maiden publication of Amy Einhorn’s new imprint) set during the nascent civil rights movement in Jackson, Miss., where black women were trusted to raise white children but not to polish the household silver. Eugenia Skeeter Phelan is just home from college in 1962, and, anxious to become a writer, is advised to hone her chops by writing about what disturbs you. The budding social activist begins to collect the stories of the black women on whom the country club sets relies and mistrusts enlisting the help of Aibileen, a maid who’s raised 17 children, and Aibileen’s best friend Minny, who’s found herself unemployed more than a few times after mouthing off to her white employers. The book Skeeter puts together based on their stories is scathing and shocking, bringing pride and hope to the black community, while giving Skeeter the courage to break down her personal boundaries and pursue her dreams. Assured and layered, full of heart and history, this one has bestseller written all over it. (Feb.)
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November 11th at Susie’s-Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell

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Cool Women in Attendance:

Marci, Susie, Susan C, Susan E, Danda, Heidi


  • Susie’s mom’s wonderful Beef Bourguignon
  • Salad
  • Yummy tart

Memorable Moments:

  • Stimulating debate on current politics
  • Susan E is buying Jane Addams bookshop
  • Update on everyones busy lives