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When You Are Engulfed in Flames by david sedaris on Oct. 29th at Carolyn’s house September 25, 2008

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From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Sedaris’s sparkling essays always shimmer more brightly when read aloud by the author. And his expert timing, mimicry and droll asides are never more polished than during live performances in front of an audience. Happily, four of the 22 pieces are live recordings, and listeners can hear Sedaris’s energy increase from the roaring, rolling laughter of the appreciative audience. Sedaris’s studio recording of his 10-page Of Mice and Men runs 16 minutes, while the live recording of Town and Country, which runs the same length in print, expands to 22 minutes thanks to an audience that often doesn’t let him finish a sentence without making him pause for laughter to subside. The studio recordings usually begin with an acoustic bass and brief sound effect (a buzzing fly, the lighting of a cigarette, the clinking of ice in a drink, etc.). Sedaris’s brilliant magnum opus, The Smoking Section (about his successful trip to Tokyo is quit smoking) stretches across the final two CDs. A Little, Brown hardcover (Reviews, Apr. 28). (June)


September 17th, 2008-Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain at 7 Saints (Susie hosted) September 21, 2008

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Cool Women in Attendance: Susan E, Susan C, Susie, Marci, Heidi

Menu: Sliders and beer

Memorable Moments:

  • We enjoyed the book but it didn’t prompt much discussion
  • Beautiful evening to be outside with friends
  • 4 strong Democrats and 1 strong Republican and we all stayed civil!