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Brie topping by Susan E May 16, 2008

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½ cup mixed nuts chopped in large pieces

½ cup craisins

1 T strawberry jam

2 T carmel topping


Mix together and put on top of Brie

Serve with crackers


The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre on June 25th, 2008 at 6:30 at Danda’s house May 15, 2008

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From Publishers Weekly
As the world seems to move ever further beyond the comparatively clear-cut choices of the Cold War into a moral morass in which greed and cynicism seem the prime movers, le Carr ‘s work has become increasingly radical, and this is by far his most passionately angry novel yet. Its premise is similar to that of Michael Palmer’s Miracle CureDcynical pharmaceutical firm allied with devious doctors attempts to foist on the world a flawed but potentially hugely profitable drugDbut the difference is in the setting and the treatment. Le Carr has placed the prime action in Africa, where the drug is being surreptitiously tested on poor villagers. Tessa Quayle, married to a member of the British High Commission staff in corruption-riddled contemporary Kenya, gets wind of it and tries in vain to blow the whistle on the manufacturer and its smarmy African distributor. She is killed for her pains. At this point Justin Quayle, her older, gentlemanly husband, sets out to find out who killed her, and to stop the dangerous drug himselfDat a terrible cost. Le Carr ‘s manifold skills at scene-setting and creating a range of fearsomely convincing English characters, from the bluffly absurd to the irredeemably corrupt, are at their smooth peak here. Both The Tailor of Panama and Single & Single were feeling their way toward this wholehearted assault on the way the world works, by a man who knows much better than most novelists writing today how it works. Now subject and style are one, and the result is heart-wrenching.


May 14th, 2008-A River Runs Through It by Norman MacLean at Susan E’s house

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Cool Women in Attendance:

Susan C, Susan E, Susie, Heidi, Danda, Lori, Carolyn and Ann


  • Trout and Salmon caught by Carolyn!
  • Roasted Veggies
  • Gooey chocolate desert and Sangria

Memorable Moments:

  • Lori rejoined the group!
  • The group felt the movie was better than the book
  • Overheard conversation prompted Don to say to Susan later “once those women discover strap on’s we men won’t be needed anymore!”